Blue Lagoon

An exceptional hand thrown stoneware bottle, mixing all of the colors of a blue lagoon: turquoise, green, cobalt, gray and black. Each color fades to clear at the top rim of the vase.

This process was developed by Master Potter Carsten Barchmann.









A large stoneware bowl measuring 18 inches. Multicolor "confetti" in browns, blues, and other assorted colors with an opaque off-white background.



Sun Rise

A large hand thrown bone porcelain bowl glazed in a deep high-fire copper red, finished with Spanish iron ore edge. The dark red copper glaze is extremely rare and difficult to accomplish. However, high reduction in the kiln atmosphere makes this possible.



Northern Hampshire

Inspired by his trip to the North Pole, Master Potter Carsten Barchmann created this piece after traveling nearly around the world. Literally a dozen coats of glaze combine the colors of the world, from the pure white snow of the North Pole to the crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean and the oceans beyond.





Morel Mushroom Vase

This vase has generated world-wide attention from the leading experts in ceramics. It is now in the permanent collection of the International Ceramic Museum in Fuping, China.




Lunar Eruption

This hand thrown stoneware vase represents the eruptions on the moon's surface thousands of years ago. Lava flows from the top, streaming down the face of this one-of-a-kind vase.











Large Bark Salad Bowl

Hand carved to resemble the bark of a tree, this bowl is coated in 11 total glazes, with each layer hand sanded to leave stain only in the lowest areas.




Diet Tomorrow

This hand thrown stoneware jug was hand slumped while rotating on the potters wheel and hand rubbed, giving the jug a sleek mat black finish.






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